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Activities 2018-19


The activities began on the 8th of February with each student from Pre-Nursery to class IV presenting a hand-made souvenir as a token of love to the children of Std. IV. Activities associated with the farewell to classV culminated on the 19th of February 2019 with a day full of fun and frolic. Class wise activities included treasure hunt, dancing to the beats of DJ, musical chair, drum circle and housie. The winners were felicitated towards the end of the day.


The Annual day celebration was organized by Saraswathi Vidyalaya School, had surprised the kids and parents with spectacular and jaw dropping decoration to welcome them. The animals created using planter pots made the kids linger around the welcome area.

Children participated in the games arranged by teachers in the classrooms and won exciting prizes along with the gift from the school. Hands on experience on various brain games, puzzles, books and other brain stimulating activities were organized by the school in association with Smart Champs. The vast variety in activities and diverse levels kept the children busy and moving from one play area to other. The school could create a galaxy of unforgettable experiences and a memorable day for the kids.


Children welcomed the day with renewed vigor and fervor. The day was marked with a wide range of co-curricular activities. Every child got an opportunity to participate in many activities of their choice. The activities were designed to stimulate their spatial intelligence, scientific, logical, reasoning and linguistic skills. categorized The activities included storytelling, poetry recitation, elocution, enacting, science experiments, working models of battery-operated and manual devices, innovative application of scientific techniques, pot and diya decoration and painting, origami, drawing, painting, word art, 3D drawing,  sketching etc. Children also participated in different levels of Sudoku puzzle solving and logical reasoning skill tests.

On the whole the day gave kids an opportunity to learn and at the same time experiment with, explore and exhibit their non-academic abilities. The quality of involvement and participation revealed how eagerly the kids were looking forward for the day and the amount of effort that each child had put in to prepare himself/herself for the day.

REPUBLIC DAY 2018       

Republic Day 2018 was celebrated with great pomp and revere by the school. Welcome address was delivered by Principal ma’am and thereafter the National flag was hoisted. Teaching and the non-teaching staff performed various cultural activities to pay respect to our country’s achievers and achievements. The cultural activities included patriotic dance by the Pre-Primary teachers and patriotic songs by the Primary, Pre-Primary and the non-teaching staff.


Computer teacher attended the workshop conducted by Kips which gave an insight into the latest development in terms of software in the field of school computer education and in treating computer as a tool rather than just a subject. 


A talk by mentor Mrs.Shobhaon “A healthy child to a healthy adult” was organized by the school for the parents of all Classes from Pre-Nursery to Std. V. The mentor stressed upon the need to take initiatives by the parents to bring about change in the unhealthy life style of kids to ensure that our country stops heading towards being an obese and diabetic capital of the world.

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